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Failure Predictions

Offering predictive maintenance services in the areas of vibration, oil, thermography, ultrasonic inspection and training on controls and drives.
Vibration Analysis
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Vibration analysis is the study of vibration patterns to determine the condition of a piece of equipment. Problems such as out-of-balance, misalignment, defective bearings, and even motor electrical defects can be determined and analyzed using vibration analysis. We use state of the art equipment to collect our data. Data is analyzed to determine the severity and cause. Based on the readings, root cause analysis studies are performed to determine the source of chronic vibration related problems. The most important tool using vibration analysis is the trending capability. Pending problems can be monitored to maximize the lifetime of the equipment. With periodic data collection, we trend the history of the equipment, monitoring for increase in vibration levels and new possible problem areas. Also, we perform balancing service if required.


Thermography is performed most often when a customer wants to evaluate the condition of their electrical supply.  An infrared camera is used to determine if there are any electrical malfunctions or ‘hot spots’ such as imbalanced phases, loose connections, overloads, etc. All ‘hot spots’ are brought to the customer’s attention for immediate corrective action. Thermography can also be used to find heat losses in buildings where insulation has broken down. Annual thermography scans are being mandated by a lot of insurance companies today, just to get coverage. Some may even offer rate decreases if this type of predictive maintenance is provided.

Oil Analysis

We collect oil samples and have a detailed analysis performed to determine the quality of the oil and to help identify component breakdown. Oil analysis complements vibration analysis because we periodically see problems using oil analysis that we do not see using vibration analysis. Our lab performs multiple tests to aid in identifying the source of pending problems. We trend each oil sample for history purposes. Also, with the rising costs of disposing used oil today, unnecessary oil changes are even more critical than ever.

Ultrasonics Analysis

Ultrasonic equipment will measure pipe wall thickness. Ultrasonic analysis is performed when a customer needs to know the condition of piping or vessels. Baseline data is generated and routine measurements are taken and compared to past data. Analysis will determine when it is time to replace pipes or vessels before holes or leaks occur.

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